newsFish, nextCloud news reader for Android updated

Spent a few days re-writing newsFish for Android, to bring it up to the same level as the SailfishOS version.

This version is better tested, works with nextCloud 10, has better navigation and is generally all-round smoother.

It also compiled against Qt 5.7, and uses QtQuick.controls, instead of custom made controls.

It doesnt have many advanced features like adding feeds, folders or starring, but these may come.

Get it from the Play Store:
and please leave feedback!


Announcing Kexi 3.0.0

I will steal heavily from the email announcement, as it says it all, with a bit extra at the end....


Dear All,

We're pleased to announce the release of Kexi 3.0.0.

For benefit and convenience of fellow software engineers, we're sharing frameworks originally developed within the Kexi Project (that is KDb, KProperty, KReport). There are marked with the same version 3.0.0 and are prepared for general, standalone usage. So this combined release marks a major milestone for two efforts: porting to Qt 5 started in 2014, development of the three frameworks started in 2008.

Downloads & change logs:

Reporting bug or wishes:

As a note, we would be more than happy for other developers to find innovative uses for our framework libraries, KDb (database abstraction), KProperty (properties and editor) and KReport (visual report building for applications). If you think you can use these libraries, we would love to hear from you with feature suggestions and feedback, join us in #kexi!

KReport / Kexi 3 re-enables maps widgets powered by Marble

Kexi 2 contains a map plugin powered by Marble.

With the port to Qt5 ongoing, this plugin was disabled, now this have changed, and with an hours porting, the KReport library has regained support for map items within a report, putting it on-par with Kexi 2 (bugs and all!)

The proof is in paper format, and this is a shot of a database created in Kexi 2, opened in the new Kexi 3:

The second item is not displaying, IIRC this also happened in Kexi 2, so some debugging is required!

This should land in KReport master soon, so if you need a report library, you know where to look ;)

Kexi 3 powered by the new KReport library

The Kexi report plugin has reached milestone 1 (build and display). In Kexi 3, the report plugin is powered by the new KReport library, which has been separated out of Calligra into it's own repository to allow re-use by other projects.

There is still lots to do, and lots to still port, but progress is clearly being made.

To try out KReport, clone kde:kreport (you will also need kde:kproperty, our other extracted lib)

KReport schemas are the same as from Calligra 2.x, so Kexi3 will load reports from Kexi2 just fine, for example:

This example shows text, checks and images loading from a KDb (kde:kdb) database. See also this for the range of text wrapping options working.

Now back to porting/reviewing! :)

newsFish news client for ownCloud

Ages ago I started working on a news client for ownCloud.

It got released for Blackberry 10 and SailfishOS, and I started an Android version but never finished it.

While I was using my Nexus 7, I missed the convenience of my news client, so I polished up the code a bit and ported it to Qt5/QtQuick2. Due to the excellent cross platform support of Qt, testing was done on the desktop, and it seems like it wouldnt be completely unusable as a desktop application, so, when I post the code to Github later, feel free to build yourself a desktop version!

When I get APKs built, I will post links to the Play store. in the mean time, enjoy this video:
View on Youtube

Play Store

Porting Kexi to Qt5 has officially begun!

Kexi uses a lot of the KDE and Calligra libraries, but some of the libraries used are not used by other Calligra apps, making them ripe for pulling out and maintaining separately.

We're starting off with KoProperty (which may become KProperty) which is a property editing library similar to what you are used using in QtCreator. Kexi uses this in its table, query, form and report visual designers to allow editing of object properties.

The other library is KoReport, a report designer, viewer and printer for tabular data. KoReport is used by both Kexi and Plan.

KoReport relies heavily on KoProperty, so porting KoProperty is the first task. This morning I reached the pre-alpha stage 'builds, links, runs, no guarantees it does anything useful', it currently looks like this:

Its a little odd looking, because i18nc and QObject::tr() have similar arguments, but the opposite way around, so all my user-visible strings are wrong!! There is also some more porting to do before tidying up as ive commented out some of the editors from the build, but only 2 or so. Never mind, its progress :)

Kexi High-DPI Report Printouts

Kexi currently generates report prinouts (and pdfs) using the screen resolution.
This is fine for general text, but if you have a database full of images it is less than ideal.

I think this looks better:

I'll keep comments open for a few days, but I get a lot of spam so generally theyre disabled on my blog until I can stop the spam, neither Captcha or Mollom have worked out, so comments to adam_at_piggz_dot_co_dot_uk after that!

ownNews newsreader for ownCloud on Blackberry 10 updated

A new version of ownNews for BB10 is out now. Version 0.3.5 adds http basic auth required for the news app 2.002. I also fixed some crashes which occur on some feeds and improved the layout of articles slightly. Get it while it's hot and enjoy! As usual, the code is available on github under the ownCloud umbrella.

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Creating fluid, powerful Kexi forms

Kexi reports have for a long time supported a powerful scripting interface. Forms however, while supporting a wide range of data-enabled widgets, only have support for simple macros.

Forms and reports are both plugins in Kexi. Kexi plugins are based around views....a plugin exposes a Design View and a Data View (in the normal case). Reports and Form design views are based on quite extensive wysiwyg designers which create XML representations used by the Data view to display the data in the object.

A few days ago, i was thinking about how to create more powerful forms, with user created scripting abilities and it hit me, QML! I could create a very simple plugin containing only a text editor for the designer, and declarative view for the viewer. This would allow a power-user to hand-write QML inside Kexi for the production of powerful, scriptable forms. It wasnt quite that simple, for example, QDeclarativeView only works with files, and wanted to supply the QML text from the database. This was resolved by using a QGraphicsView/Scene and manually creating a QDeclarativeComponent.

There are also limitations such as no external components, just plain QML. I imagine that if this experiment is pursued, then we could create some cusom Kexi components and possibly allow the user to write components inside the database. The editor also sucks, its just a QPlainTextEdit at the moment, but this could be easily switched out for KatePart with some syntax hi-lighting.

I expect to also bind the form to a data source and expose the record data. At the moment there is only one addition to the engine, a Kexi object which allows performing operations on the database such as opening objects, printing, closing, renaming etc. This is taken from the existing Script api, so provides a known API.

Feedback welcome!

Video: Youtube

Initial build of Sailfish ownCloud newsreader .... newsFish

This is an initial release of my ownCloud news reader for Sailfish.

I mean _initial_ as in 'this is literally the first build that runs and shows something half sane'


  • Log into ownCloud instance
  • List of feeds
  • List of articles in a feed
  • Article view
  • Open article in browser
  • Open article in instapaper
  • Sync from Cover screen

After entering your credentials and clicking Continue, you will be presented with a blank Feeds page.  You have to sync, which is available from the Pulley menu.





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