Announcing Kexi 3.0.0

I will steal heavily from the email announcement, as it says it all, with a bit extra at the end....


Dear All,

We're pleased to announce the release of Kexi 3.0.0.

Kexi 3 powered by the new KReport library

The Kexi report plugin has reached milestone 1 (build and display). In Kexi 3, the report plugin is powered by the new KReport library, which has been separated out of Calligra into it's own repository to allow re-use by other projects.

There is still lots to do, and lots to still port, but progress is clearly being made.

To try out KReport, clone kde:kreport (you will also need kde:kproperty, our other extracted lib)

newsFish news client for ownCloud

Ages ago I started working on a news client for ownCloud.

It got released for Blackberry 10 and SailfishOS, and I started an Android version but never finished it.

While I was using my Nexus 7, I missed the convenience of my news client, so I polished up the code a bit and ported it to Qt5/QtQuick2. Due to the excellent cross platform support of Qt, testing was done on the desktop, and it seems like it wouldnt be completely unusable as a desktop application, so, when I post the code to Github later, feel free to build yourself a desktop version!

Porting Kexi to Qt5 has officially begun!

Kexi uses a lot of the KDE and Calligra libraries, but some of the libraries used are not used by other Calligra apps, making them ripe for pulling out and maintaining separately.

We're starting off with KoProperty (which may become KProperty) which is a property editing library similar to what you are used using in QtCreator. Kexi uses this in its table, query, form and report visual designers to allow editing of object properties.

The other library is KoReport, a report designer, viewer and printer for tabular data. KoReport is used by both Kexi and Plan.

Creating fluid, powerful Kexi forms

Kexi reports have for a long time supported a powerful scripting interface. Forms however, while supporting a wide range of data-enabled widgets, only have support for simple macros.

Forms and reports are both plugins in Kexi. Kexi plugins are based around views....a plugin exposes a Design View and a Data View (in the normal case). Reports and Form design views are based on quite extensive wysiwyg designers which create XML representations used by the Data view to display the data in the object.

ownNews Small Update

Last time i showed off the ownCloud-News client i'd written for Blackberry 10 using QML/cascades. After i did that, the API for the news client changed in the development version, meaning that if I released it, it wouldnt work once people upgrade to the latest version.

AFAIK, the next version of the news app will be released mid-august, so im holding off releasing to Blackberry World until then.  That doesnt mean ive done nothing though!

I dont blog often enough

As the title says, ive always felt that i didnt blog often enough. Its not that i dont want to, or that what im doing is unexciting (im not saying it is exciting) its that it was just such hard work. You see, for 10 or so years ive have my website at piggz.co.uk, which i was quite proud of ... pages of hand crafted (using Quanta!) html, css, with a PostgreSQL backend.  It functioned, i could add pages sort-of easily by creating new html files and dropping them in pages/, then modifying header.html to add a menu link, and using sftp to upload them.

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