Announcing Kexi 3.0.0

I will steal heavily from the email announcement, as it says it all, with a bit extra at the end....


Dear All,

We're pleased to announce the release of Kexi 3.0.0.

Porting Kexi to Qt5 has officially begun!

Kexi uses a lot of the KDE and Calligra libraries, but some of the libraries used are not used by other Calligra apps, making them ripe for pulling out and maintaining separately.

We're starting off with KoProperty (which may become KProperty) which is a property editing library similar to what you are used using in QtCreator. Kexi uses this in its table, query, form and report visual designers to allow editing of object properties.

The other library is KoReport, a report designer, viewer and printer for tabular data. KoReport is used by both Kexi and Plan.

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