newsFish news client for ownCloud

Ages ago I started working on a news client for ownCloud.

It got released for Blackberry 10 and SailfishOS, and I started an Android version but never finished it.

While I was using my Nexus 7, I missed the convenience of my news client, so I polished up the code a bit and ported it to Qt5/QtQuick2. Due to the excellent cross platform support of Qt, testing was done on the desktop, and it seems like it wouldnt be completely unusable as a desktop application, so, when I post the code to Github later, feel free to build yourself a desktop version!

Initial build of Sailfish ownCloud newsreader .... newsFish

This is an initial release of my ownCloud news reader for Sailfish.

I mean _initial_ as in 'this is literally the first build that runs and shows something half sane'


  • Log into ownCloud instance
  • List of feeds
  • List of articles in a feed
  • Article view
  • Open article in browser
  • Open article in instapaper
  • Sync from Cover screen

After entering your credentials and clicking Continue, you will be presented with a blank Feeds page.  You have to sync, which is available from the Pulley menu.

ownNews News Client for Blackberry 10 now available

Well, technically its been available for a week or so now, and i just forgot to mention it.

If you have a Blackberry 10 device and use ownCloud + News, then give it a go and give me some feedback!

Get it for free from http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/32767887/ and if you're feeling generous, you could buy one of my other apps ;)

ownNews Small Update

Last time i showed off the ownCloud-News client i'd written for Blackberry 10 using QML/cascades. After i did that, the API for the news client changed in the development version, meaning that if I released it, it wouldnt work once people upgrade to the latest version.

AFAIK, the next version of the news app will be released mid-august, so im holding off releasing to Blackberry World until then.  That doesnt mean ive done nothing though!

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