newsFish, nextCloud news reader for Android updated

Spent a few days re-writing newsFish for Android, to bring it up to the same level as the SailfishOS version.

This version is better tested, works with nextCloud 10, has better navigation and is generally all-round smoother.

It also compiled against Qt 5.7, and uses QtQuick.controls, instead of custom made controls.

It doesnt have many advanced features like adding feeds, folders or starring, but these may come.

Initial build of Sailfish ownCloud newsreader .... newsFish

This is an initial release of my ownCloud news reader for Sailfish.

I mean _initial_ as in 'this is literally the first build that runs and shows something half sane'


  • Log into ownCloud instance
  • List of feeds
  • List of articles in a feed
  • Article view
  • Open article in browser
  • Open article in instapaper
  • Sync from Cover screen

After entering your credentials and clicking Continue, you will be presented with a blank Feeds page.  You have to sync, which is available from the Pulley menu.

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