I dont blog often enough

As the title says, ive always felt that i didnt blog often enough. Its not that i dont want to, or that what im doing is unexciting (im not saying it is exciting) its that it was just such hard work. You see, for 10 or so years ive have my website at piggz.co.uk, which i was quite proud of ... pages of hand crafted (using Quanta!) html, css, with a PostgreSQL backend.  It functioned, i could add pages sort-of easily by creating new html files and dropping them in pages/, then modifying header.html to add a menu link, and using sftp to upload them.  Blogging was also possible, i could enter a header and a body, click Ok and have the record saved to a postgresql table.  When RSS feeds became the 'in thing', i added rss2.php, which generated the appropriate XML.  Not too difficult, but if i wanted to embed anything in my blog post, it involved uploading the file, then manually entering the correct html code into the form, remembering to use the correct escape characters for the database.  ANd there was no second chance, if it got posted to Plante KDE, there was no chance of editing it for typos, except for SSHing in, running psql and making the appropriate changes there!

Which all results in my website and blog being quite unmaintained.

Then, after being asked to create a website for a local business and doing some research, i gave them a drupal installation and created some pages there, it was far easier.  So, over the last few days, ive ported my entire site and content to a new drupal powered site, with blog and wysiwyg editing with image upload!

Tonight i edited the planet kde config file to point to the new address, so, if youre reading this it has worked ok :)

Stay tuned for hopefully more frequent updates about ownCloud, Kexi and Mobile Apps using Qt on Android, Harmattan and Blackberry.

P.S. for historical purposes, the old site is available at www.piggz.co.uk/oldsite :)

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