ownNews Small Update

Last time i showed off the ownCloud-News client i'd written for Blackberry 10 using QML/cascades. After i did that, the API for the news client changed in the development version, meaning that if I released it, it wouldnt work once people upgrade to the latest version.

AFAIK, the next version of the news app will be released mid-august, so im holding off releasing to Blackberry World until then.  That doesnt mean ive done nothing though!

1. The source code is now available in the ownCloud repository at GitHub, https://github.com/owncloud/News-Qt-App

2. ive made some improvements, like rich-text display of news articles, and an option to delete articles older than X days

3. I created an entirely seperate UI in plain QtQuick/QML 1.1, for Android, Harmattan and Symbian

This is how it looks on a Kindle Fire HD

Download .apk version 0.1 OwnCloudNews-signed-0.1.0.apk