How to break a perfectly good N950

This morning I appear to have done something semi-interesting to a lot of people. Because of it Ive got 20+ new followers on twitter, and a bunch of people subscribing to my youtube channel (not that there is much there!)

I didn't think it was much of a big deal .... I was just tinkering before everyone got out of bed!

If you want to cut the the final result...this is what caused the fuss:

The resf of this post will be me trying to remember the steps I took so others can follow.  Most of the instructions are from Martin Brook (@vgrade) who aso got this working today.  I will not give every command as i cant remember everything, and if you cant follow these instructions you probably dont want to do it anyway until someone comes up with something simpler, like a flashable image.

  1. Start with a run of the mill Nokia N950
  2. Follow the instructions at to install Nemo Mobile on it
  3. Add the Jolla device repositories to it (taken from using either SSU or zypper
    1. Martins instructions at use zypper, I used SSU
  4. Remove or disable the mer-core and mer qt repositories
  5. zypper ref
  6. zypper in -t pattern jolla-ui-wayland jolla-mw jolla-sailfish-applications
  7. Now its quite important to downgrade all the mer packages to the jolla versions, so zypper dup
  8. Follow the instructions at, this time to add the unfreeze repo and install qt5-qtdeclarative
  9. Reboot and hope for the best!

What Works

  • The Sailfish UI
  • Apps
  • Store
  • Wifi
  • Settings
  • Call UI
  • Bluetooth (i think)
  • Accounts (i havnt got a google account to work though)

What Doesnt

  • GPS
  • Android apps
  • Likely much more

Note: if you try to enable the developer tools, you might find yourself unable to login to the phone via SSH.  This happened to me and someone else.  The way I fixed it was to use the mount Alt_OS option of the modified moslo boot loader to mount the root partition of the phone, and modify /etc/shadow to change the root password.

This will be a great base for application developers to test their apps on Saifish if they cant get a Jolla phone just yet.