newsFish news client for ownCloud

Ages ago I started working on a news client for ownCloud.

It got released for Blackberry 10 and SailfishOS, and I started an Android version but never finished it.

While I was using my Nexus 7, I missed the convenience of my news client, so I polished up the code a bit and ported it to Qt5/QtQuick2. Due to the excellent cross platform support of Qt, testing was done on the desktop, and it seems like it wouldnt be completely unusable as a desktop application, so, when I post the code to Github later, feel free to build yourself a desktop version!

When I get APKs built, I will post links to the Play store. in the mean time, enjoy this video:
View on Youtube

Play Store


The video can,t be played because it is published privately.

Ive changed the URL, as the original video had too much desktop clutter

Hello, please consider submitting to the f-droid repo. Lots of OwnCloud people try to avoid Google services.