Misc Linux Projects

Please note, these are miscellaneous Linux/KDE releted projects i have worked on in the past.  They are not actively worked on anymore and are only here for historic purposes.


KIO-Decnet is a KIO slave for KDE that allows browsing a decnet node such as a machine running VMS, a decnet enabled linux machine, or possibly a Windows PC running pathworks.

It works by executing the programs from the linux-decnet project and parsing their output, so it is essential to install the latest version of dnprogs from http://linux-decnet.sourceforge.net

16/07/2007 - Version 0.1 released - Download
Initial version. It can browse a node using the following syntax:
decnet://user:pass@node/logical:/a/path where logical: is optional, and if omitted, will default to the users login directory.

Mime types are determined by extension, so be sure to configure .com, .sql and other text files to open in your favourite editor.

Double-clicking a text file will open it in the configured editor, but there is currently no way to copy a file to/from a node, apart from opening a text file and saving it somewhere else.

Kicker Wine Menu

Kicker Wine Menu is a menu applet that implements a (buggy) windows start menu that integrates with the KMenu for use with WINE applications.

27/09/05 - Version 0.1 released - Download
It works. Well, it can execute programs, possibly with arguments. I dont have many apps installed, but it works with the ones i have. Get back to me with bug reports and i'll try and fix them.


kexi postgresql driver (kexipqxx)

kexipqxx is a plugin driver for the koffice database app kexi to add support for a PostgreSQL backend.

18/08/03 - Version 0.3 released - Download
02/08/03 - Version 0.2 released - Download
22/06/03 - Version 0.1 released - Download
We can now enter/update data :o) I now have working update, insert and delete functionality as well as drop table (no create or alter table yet, the gui is being rewritten i think)
I have tested this on a table with a serial primary key, and the following column types:

The driver does now compile and does actually do something useful. All i can say at the moment is that it will connect to a database over tcpip only (wont take much to get local sockets working) show the databases, connect to a database, show the tables and show the data in those tables. Thats it for now but its my first milestone to be able to view data. so please try it and report back your experiences and any suggestions/patches etc...

Not really worth looking at, doesnt even compile, onyl availble to show progress. 
Anyone interested in helping out mail me.

-You will need postgresql from CVS. This is because i need features only available in PostgreSQL 7.4 which isnt out yet.
-You will need koffice from CVS.
-You will need libpqxx. Get the latest development build as its way better than the last stable.
-You will need to change the location of the kexi header files to point to your local copy as these are currently not installed with a make install. This may involve hacking about in makefiles or the sources. If you want help then mail me.

kde gui prototyper (kxmlguidesigner) 

KXMLGuiDesigner (a bit of a mouthful) is a re-write of my final year c++ assignment using QT/KDE as opposed to wxWindows. This program allows a developer to prototype the look of an application interface. Initially, the interface is specified in an XML style text document, which is read by the program to create the GUI.

The program uses:
QT/KDE (developed on mandrake 8.1 kde 2.2.1)
COCO/R (used to parse the text file and create the main document)
NewCoco (a coco/r library and header files)

22/02/02 - Version 0.2 released

Un-tar/gz cocor into /usr/local/cocor and follow the instructions in the readme.
Un-tar/gz NewCoco
-rename the 'Include' directory 'CR' and copy to /usr/include
-make libCR and copy to /usr/local/lib
-overwrite the frame files in /usr/local/cocor/frame with the ones from this package
-finally, make sure the cocor executable is accessible from the path, or sym-link it to /usr/local/bin
Un-tar/gz kxmlguidesigner.tar.gz and do the standard ./configure, make, make install.

.....to follow.....