PGZ Everytrail 2


Record, upload, view, and search trips on


On opening, you wioll be prompted for your account detail to log into the application. If you do not have an account, you can skip the login process but will have limited functionality, or create a new account.


Main Menu

The main menu provides navigation to the 5 main areas of the application:
Record a trip
Upload a trip
View my trips
Search trips
View my favourites
These features are discribed further below.

Logging In

On the login page, enter your username and password and press the 'Login' button. Alternatively, press 'Skip Login' to proceed with limited funcionality, or 'Create Account' to open the signup page.

Creating an account

Enter all the details and click 'Create Account'. If the account is created Ok, you will return to the login page with the details filled in, if not, en error message will be displayed.

Recording a trip

On the record page, press the red record button to start recording a track. The button will change to a pause button. The track can be paused and resumed any number of times. When the track is finished, press the 'folder' icon to save the track to a .gpx file. The 'locate' wil pan to the current location.

Uploading a trip

Once a track has been recorded, it can be uploaded to as a trip. Enter the trip details in the provided fields, and select the track, activity and visibility from the popups. The tracks are displayed in order of creation, latest first.

Viewing own trips

From the main menu, the 'My Trips' view displays your trips in a list view, with an overview containing name, activity, length and rating. Selecting a trip from the list will display the full trip details and associated images.

Searching trips

The search view allows searching for trips by either some text, or proximity to your current location, or both. Search results are returned in a list view similar to your own trip list, and selecting a trip will display its full details.

View favourite trips

The favourites view displays your favourite trips in a view similar to the search results and own-trips views. Selecting a trip displays its full details.

View trip details

From any of the 'own trips', 'search results' or 'favourite trips' views, pressing on a trip will display the full trip details with any associated images. From here, clicking the map button will open the trips map view, and display the track, aswell as your current location. Clicking the star will add the trip to your favourites list.

View trip map

The trip map view displays the trip track and your current location to aide in finding the trip.

Map View Control

Map views within the application can be panned by dragging, and zoomed with a pinch gesture.