PGZ Latitude

Update your location on the Google Latitude service from your N9/N950 Nokia phone


Get it from the Nokia Store for your N9 or N950


On first run, a browser window will open asking you to log into your google account and allow the application access to update your location. Log into and click the 'Allow' button.
By default, the application will update every 30 minutes, using whatever positioning methods are available. From the settings page, accessible from the menu on the lower right toolbar button, this can be changed to update between 1 and 60 minutes, and either Satellite or Non-Satellite positioning.

The other buttons on the toolbar are:
[Target] - Move the map to the current location
[Pause/Resume] - Pause or resume the updates to latitude
[Update] - Perform a manual update now

The map can be panned by dragging, and zoomed with a pinch gesture.